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Optometry Services

Unique Eyewear Gallery

The Eye Place team is proud to offer fashionable, high quality, affordable frames and the most technologically advanced lens materials and designs. All of our frames and lenses come with a 1-year performance guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Everyone knows there is much more to loving your glasses and having optimal vision than just the prescription numbers on paper. 
The way you see, look, and feel in your glasses depends on many things including: measurements taken by our licensed opticians, lens designs, lens materials, no glare treatments, blue wavelength filters, scratch coatings, impact resistance, UV protection, tints, Transitions, polarization, mirrors, prisms, edge polishing, and more. Our licensed opticians are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable and will explain everything to you in a way that is easy to understand. Their goal is to optimize your vision and match your eyewear to your specific daily activities and lifestyle. Getting glasses at The Eye Place is an enjoyable experience!

Contact Lens Fitting

We have 25+ years of expertise fitting all types of contact lenses and truly enjoy positively changing the lives of our patients by having you experience wearing contact lenses for the first time.

We also provide the necessary one-on-one teaching classes for all of our new wearers. During this educational instruction time we make sure you are comfortable inserting, removing, and understanding how to care for your lenses properly.

Our prices are usually the lowest you will find, and are always below manufacturer’s suggested prices. We also have the best 1-year supply rebates, and no charge shipping direct to you.

All of this is something you just simply won’t find anywhere else!

Our Examination Services

While at The Eye Place you will experience a stress-free atmosphere and feel relaxed. Your examination will be tailored to your needs and the reasons that you made the appointment. You will not be made to do unnecessary tests “just because.”

We provide comprehensive vision, eye health, and overall wellness care and pride ourselves on taking time to answer every question at every visit. We explain everything we do and why we’re doing it. Something our patients really love is that we are available by cell phone, text, and email because we truly care.

Thorough family and personal information is gathered to assess your risk for eye disease and chronic illness. This will allow us to provide you with personalized preventive strategies and the most precise care plan possible. We will discuss the status of your overall health, systemic conditions, medications, social history, work demands, hobbies, and history of any eye surgeries or previous eye conditions. Most importantly, we will address any questions or concerns you have regarding the current state of your vision and eye health.

At The Eye Place we understand the relationship between vision and academic performance. Unfortunately, 1 out of 4 students in school has an undetected vision problem resulting in poor performance and/or behavior issues. These are correctable when caught early. Many of these vision problems can result in a significant improvement in both academic performance and behavior.

We welcome children of all ages and have special equipment to evaluate them efficiently.  We have the right training, techniques, and spend the time necessary for each child.

If you have a red eye, injury, eye infection, or get something in your eye, we have all the necessary instruments and equipment to take care of you. Don’t wait in the ER or an Urgicare when you can call Dr. Scott, an eye doctor with extensive trauma and injury training and experience, to assist you promptly. Contact him 24 hours a day by clicking the “Message Us” button and send a text immediately.

Good vision is critical for everything you do. Don’t trust just anyone to do surgery on your eyes. We work closely with the best local eye surgeons to increase the likelihood of an optimal outcome post refractive surgery. LASIK and PRK are both safe procedures that can be beneficial to many people, but they are not for everyone. During the course of your comprehensive eye examination, we will take many measurements and evaluate your eyes to determine if you are a good candidate for refractive surgery. After your surgery, we will provide you with expert post-operative care and your annual comprehensive vision and eye health examinations. We have extensive experience co-managing refractive surgery.

Cataracts are a natural aging process that causes the lens of the eye to become cloudy. Patients with cataracts experience a loss of visual clarity, increased sensitivity to glare and changes in their prescription. During every patient’s comprehensive eye examination, we evaluate the health and clarity of the natural lenses of the eye, using a state-of-the art slit lamp microscope. Should cataract surgery be indicated to restore proper visual function, you will be referred to one of our trusted local surgical partners. After the cataract surgery, we will provide your post-surgical care to make sure you heal properly and get the correct glasses prescription afterwards. There are several new options in lens replacement surgery, including Rezoom and Restore lenses that provide vision similar to bifocal lenses to decrease your dependence on glasses after surgery.